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Digital Summer Clinic: Week 6

 We are in the home stretch of the Digital Summer Clinic, and I am confident that we will all finish strong! The marketing strategy guidebook that my partner and I are completing is in its first final draft stage, and we will be reviewing our work with RXA on Wednesday to garner feedback and showcase what we have stayed busy with. I am continuing to develop my editing skills for the highlight video content, specifically when it comes to animation. I am putting more time than I am reporting into this, but I figured that this would be a great skill to have in my back pocket. Plus, I find that I really enjoy video editing! Work has really been ramping up as we come to a close, and as I am simultaneously a Field Manger for the clinic as well as an intern, I have been trying to make the best of what little time I have left in both these positions. The experiences have been great so far, and one thing that has developed in me is the confidence of applying for more specific positions in marke