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Digital Summer Clinic | Week 2

During the second week of the Digital Summer Clinic, I was able to meet with RXA to form a more cohesive idea of the type of audience that they would like to connect with for the A2AI conference. Due to limited seating (as this is an in-person event), the conference will be marketed less towards public audiences interested in the AI space, but rather towards potential clients of RXA who would most benefit from the services RXA provides. This means more tightly targeted ad campaigns with content directed towards selling the idea of applied AI to businesses. The goal is to benefit the audience and RXA simultaneously by having the audience become clients of RXA's consulting, data processing, and applied AI services. In the end, this means the marketing campaigns will be measured by quality over quantity (I'll have to develop more specific KPIs to monitor this progress). To capture the ideal audience, I began working on some video content to attract high-yield audiences by editing

First Week of the Clinic: 6/14-6/21

This week was an exciting one. I began work for the Digital Summer Clinic, an internship program that assigns interns to tech startup companies based upon both their desired and past experiences. After meeting with the program mentors and representatives of Ann Arbor SPARK (the organization that cohosts this program with the Center for Digital Engagement), I began to feel confident in my role in this program. We discussed our weekly responsibilities, including progress reports, blog posts/LinkedIn updates, and company meetings, in addition to longer term goals such as acquiring a Google certificate. For the Google certificate, I have chosen to start with pursuing the Google Analytics certificate, first starting with the "fail faster" method of taking the test while expecting to fail in order to gain insight on what to expect. After doing so, I have begun my Google Analytics studies with the provided video resources. For the tech startup, I was assigned to RXA, an applied arti