Digital Summer Clinic | Week 2

During the second week of the Digital Summer Clinic, I was able to meet with RXA to form a more cohesive idea of the type of audience that they would like to connect with for the A2AI conference. Due to limited seating (as this is an in-person event), the conference will be marketed less towards public audiences interested in the AI space, but rather towards potential clients of RXA who would most benefit from the services RXA provides. This means more tightly targeted ad campaigns with content directed towards selling the idea of applied AI to businesses. The goal is to benefit the audience and RXA simultaneously by having the audience become clients of RXA's consulting, data processing, and applied AI services. In the end, this means the marketing campaigns will be measured by quality over quantity (I'll have to develop more specific KPIs to monitor this progress). To capture the ideal audience, I began working on some video content to attract high-yield audiences by editing together highlights of last year's conference.

Outside of RXA, I have been monitoring my LinkedIn page to be optimized towards the connections and views I would like to gain. My goal is to catch the attention of marketing organizations where I could potentially be employed, utilizing my experiences of creating marketing campaigns, communication skills, and project management skills while honing other skills in the process, such as leadership, analytics, and strategy skills. I hope to find a full-time position by the beginning of fall in order to start my professional progression into my ideal position, and I think the best way in there would be through entry-level marketing jobs. I've been enjoying working for the clinic, and I'm very convinced that the experiences I'm gaining here will greatly assist my resume and abilities for future endeavors. 


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