Digital Summer Clinic: Week 3

This week in the Summer Clinic was a productive one. The meetings with the mentors were incredibly informative, and the goals of my partner and I's project with our company are becoming much more clear. The mentor meeting with Eric W. of Google and Jorel M. of Pinterest shared a lot of insight into succeeding in not only a digital world, but any work environment. We learned how to combat "imposter syndrome" by acknowledging how we feel, but striving to learn and improve. Additionally, we learned how important hustling and being genuine/sociable is to succeeding, especially when starting out in a business. It's important not to work with people on strictly a transactional basis, but to build relationships that can develop your  path in the long run (which I believe is a strong leadership skill in any position). One of the most important lessons I took from this meeting was a thought Eric shared: when you work somewhere for 20 years, you don't necessarily have 20 years of experience; you may only have 8 months of experience 30 times over. It's incredibly important to keep expanding your knowledge and skills horizontally in order to gain a competitive edge when trying to pursue further career options. 

In my work with RXA in promoting the A2AI conference, we developed clear directives on how to create a powerful marketing plan for the event. This year, the event will be in person, as well as potentially being streamed. While we are trying to create outreach to attract potential partners, sponsors, and clients for the event, a goal this year is to solidify A2AI as a standalone event to the public, attracting as much as attention from the general public eye as well. This is part of an effort to establish Ann Arbor as a happening tech hub in this region of the United States. We are continuing work creating marketing content, developing target audiences (both specific and general), and are accumulating all of our research into a shared, easy to navigate document that the company can reference for years to come when creating marketing plans for this event. I will continue to follow up with updates regarding our progress, and look forward to what lies ahead!


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