Digital Summer Clinic: Week 4

 During this week of the Digital Summer Clinic, I worked mainly on creating digital content for social media campaigns and creating detailed contact lists for the conference hosted by RXA. For the digital content, I worked on creating minute long videos edited down from the "round-table" discussions from the last A2.AI conference. These were edited with music and plenty of cuts to highlight informative conversations that support the idea that implementing AI into business functions is the best route to improve business operations. This will help enlighten audiences into the services RXA offers, as well as display the sorts of things discussed during the A2.AI conference. 

For the contact list, I have been scouring different resources, mainly connections to Ann Arbors A2 Tech 360 event, in order to create a comprehensive list of potential attendees, panelists, and even sponsors for the A2.AI conference. This includes descriptions and contact emails for each organization, organized by the category they would fit in (being attendees, panelists, and sponsors). Additionally, I have started working on creating draft template emails to reach out to companies in each category. 

The clinic is definitely in full swing, and I am also working diligently to gain my Google Analytics Individual Certification (nearly completed), and at this point I am starting to settle into the groove of creating a weekly schedule. Balancing the internship and my two other jobs has been difficult, but I have gained skills with time management, content creation, marketing management/strategy, and even experience hosting live streamed interviews!


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